Deep within the culinary tradition of Naples emerges a dish that captures the essence of Italian fire and passion: Pizza Diavola with Spicy Soppressata. This classic, literally translating to “devil’s pizza,” is an invitation to thrill-seekers to take a bite out of Italy’s bolder side, and at Napoli Per Tutti, we bring it to life with an authenticity found only in the streets of Naples.

The star of our Pizza Diavola is the Soppressata, a dry, spicy cured meat that lends each slice a richness and heat that dances on the palate, complemented by a blend of cheeses that soften the blow without extinguishing the flame. Our Soppressata is selected for its superior quality and piquancy, ensuring that each bite is an unforgettable experience.

The base of our pizza, the dough, is where the magic begins. Made with a traditional recipe and perfectly fermented, it’s hand-stretched to achieve that light, airy texture that’s the hallmark of authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Once in the wood-fired oven, the dough comes alive, bubbling up to that perfect golden brown, with crispy edges that sing when broken.

The heat of the wood-fired oven is not just a cooking technique; it’s a ceremony, a ritual that connects us with generations of Neapolitan pizzaiolos. At Napoli Per Tutti, our oven is the beating heart of the restaurant, radiating not just warmth, but the very essence of Italy.

But the Pizza Diavola isn’t complete without the final touch: a sprinkle of Italian herbs and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil that enhances and complements the intensity of the Soppressata. The result is a symphony of flavors that’s both a tribute to Naples and an edible work of art.

We invite you to Napoli Per Tutti to discover for yourself why Pizza Diavola with Spicy Soppressata is not just a dish, but a cultural experience. Come and be seduced by the heat of Naples, letting the Pizza Diavola kindle your appetite and ignite your love for authentic Italian cuisine.

Dare to take a bite out of life’s spicier side? Visit us at Napoli Per Tutti and feel the warm embrace of Naples right here in Schaumburg.